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Chris Pearceís Frenchmen Street Jazz Band

At The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough - 18th July 2013

This was the first occasion they have performed at this venue and hopefully Tad Newton will get them back before too long.

The audience was treated to an evening of excellent swinging New Orleans style jazz by one of the best bands I have heard for some time.The choice of material was eclectic featuring some tunes I hadnít heard before scattered between more well know numbers.

Outstanding during the evening was a drum solo by Graham Smith in ĎBei Mir Bist Du Schoní. I am not a fan of lengthy drum solos where the drummer is left on stage bashing away while the rest of the band leave for a couple of hours. Well it always seems like a couple of hours but is probably ten minutes or so.

Iíve heard bands in this country, including, many years ago in London, Louis Armstrong and the All Stars, Kid Ory and George Lewis (yes, Iím really old) plus bands playing at the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans but Grahamís performance was easily the best I have ever heard. Consistently swinging, extremely varied and ranging from delicate to full blown it was an eye opener for my young granddaughter, a grade 4 drum student, I had dragged along and not just for her. The rest of the band displayed a high standard of musicianship and were rewarded with enthusiastic applause at the end of the evening.

Thank you for coming to Wellingborough, Chris and all.
This review was sent in by a Northants Jazz reader Peter Eden
Northants Jazz did not attend the event and is simply publishing this readers review. We cannot agree or disagree with the review