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The Laurie Chescoe Reunion Jazz Band

At The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough - 23rd May 2013

Laurie Chescoe and his Reunion Band appeared at the Castle Theatre, Wellingborough on 23 May. Those of the audience looking for a band playing freewheeling New Orleans jazz are still looking.

Mr Chescoe has assembled a group of competent musicians who, in spite of having a stand-in trombonist in the form of the talented Roy Williams, came over as extremely well rehearsed, perhaps excessively so at the expense of a lively swinging performance.

During the faster numbers the rhythm section sounded a bit frantic while on the slower ones some stodginess crept in and the front line, perhaps inhibited by having to stick to their arrangements too closely were never inspiring.

For the numbers featuring vocals a good singer would help as would some new jokes rather than the bewhiskered old groaners we were treated to. On other occasions at The Castle bandsí last numbers are often followed by cries of more from the audience. This time there was just polite applause
This review was sent in by a Northants Jazz reader Peter Eden
Northants Jazz did not attend the event and is simply publishing this readers review. We cannot agree or disagree with the review