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John Dunmore Boogie Band:
The Domino Effect

John Dunmore, vocals, clarinet,
alto saxophone; Tony Sketchley,
tenor sax; Roy Hawksford, lead guitar,
vocals; Chris Reilley, keyboard;
Glynn Murray, bass guitar;
Dave Rooker, drums.

Recorded live at The Headlands, Northampton; PEK Sound - April 2008

The Domino Effect is the second recording released by the enterprising John Dunmore Boogie Band (in 2008) and has been followed by a further recording, Ho!  Ho! Ho! in 2009. John also leads his New Orleans Jazz Band, as a separate venture to meet popular demand.
This CD consists of popular standards written by the likes of Fats Domino and will be thoroughly enjoyed by those who revel in traditional jazz. The album abounds with classics, such as When You’re Smiling, Mona Lisa, Take These Chains from my Heart, Just a Gigolo, and Margie.
Vocals are skilfully provided mainly by John Dunmore, with lead guitarist, Roy Hawkesford, lending a hand on two numbers, Blue Monday and Sea Cruise. There are some outstanding solos from Tony Sketchley (tenor) and some excellent ‘boogie’ offerings by Chris Reilley on keyboards - listen particularly to his solo on Blue Monday). At times, the electric guitar seems a little out of place in a traditional jazz band, but this is a minor quibble and arguably a matter of personal taste.
Traditional jazz frequently benefits from a live recording capturing, as it does, the rapport between the musicians and the audience; and this recording is no exception. Throughout, the band swings with a relaxed confidence which naturally emerges when talented and experienced musicians perform before an enthusiastic audience.
Further details of John Dunmore’s jazz activities can be found at the band’s website at
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