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The John Dunmore All Star Boogie Band: "Weedon, my part in it's downfall"
Recorded live at the Jubilee Field in Weedon 4th June 2012
John Dunmore, alto sax clarinet and vocals; Roy Hawksford, lead guitar and vocals; Debbie Rooker, trumpet; Julie Clements, fiddle; Chris Reilley, keyboard; Bob ĎJasperí Dunmore, bass guitar; Dave ĎKidí Rooker, Drums

Duration: 2 hours

I had never heard the John Dunmore All Star Boogie Band until John sent me his latest DVD which was recorded live in Weedon during the Queens Jubilee celebrations in June. Everybody will remember what terrible weather that we had that weekend, but despite the weather the sense of fun and enjoyment comes through on the DVD.

I didnít know what to expect and certainly didnít realise the breadth of the bandís repertoire. You certainly cannot 'pigeon hole' Johnís band as Trad or for that matter, in my view, anything else. The repertoire moves from Traditional Jazz to Blues to Rock & Roll and into Country. The band has its own unique sound which is very enjoyable and would tend to attract anyone who likes any one of categories that are listed above. The easy feel of the band that is genuinely enjoying the gig themselves is infectious and you are drawn into all of the music even if it was not what you were expecting.

This is easy listening in the true sense and will be enjoyed by a wide audience. Good music and good musicians having a good time.