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Anything related to jazz in the Northants area

If you are a lover of Jazz (traditional, New Orleans, Dixieland or Modern) or especially if you are a Jazz musician, please take a moment to read about this website.
If you live in the Northamptonshire area and you have tried looking for a jazz band to play with, a jazz musician that you need to play a part in your jazz band or just simply try and find out what's going on with regards to jazz in your area, you will have found it pretty frustrating. Type in a search and you will follow so many blind leads to single sites advertising some sort of funk/rock/jazz, agents advertising a range of bands for hire, the odd pub telling you about their food and drink.. oh and maybe that they have regular jazz gig on a Sunday lunch. There are a few small sites that show some local jazz gigs with a few links to venues or pet jazz bands.............................................................. Read more >


What is this site for?
It's for anything related to jazz in the Northants area
It is for anybody who wants to use it for anything relating to local Jazz NO STRINGS & NO CATCHES! I used to play in a band about 10 years ago but the band evenually fizzled. I originally advertised for members in the local library (before the internet became so popular). Desperate to form another band, I tried the same route and was dissapointed as it seems that the internet has taken over. I then scoured the internet trying to find musicians or a band to play with also trying to get in touch with some local bands....... What a waste of time! It then came to me in a flash!!!! wouldn't it be nice if there was a JAZZ ONLY site that had NO sole affiliations to any bands, venues or people. A free site for local Jazz lovers and musicians for free advertising, free gig listing, anyone who would like to write a review on a band.... simply anything that locals wanted to use the site for AS LONG AS IT IS TOTALLY JAZZ RELATED... Read more >

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